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Testing, Targeting and Analytics Features
With 100+ features, Visual Website Optimizer is the most comprehensive conversion rate optimization tool available today. From A/B testing to behavioral targeting, it has got everything you will ever need to optimize your website sales.

Geo Behavioral Targeting

  • Show different content to visitors from different cities, regions or countries
  • Multiple targeting options: referring URL, campaigns, cookie value, browser, OS, etc.
  • Personalize user experience for different mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.)
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Easy A/B testing

  • Point-and-click tool to create website versions
  • Move, resize, edit, remove, and do other operations
  • Add conversion goals by clicking on links
  • Works with all elements: text, images, forms
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WYSIWYG editor

  • Simple point-and-click visual editor
  • No need to know HTML for creating variations
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Integrated image uploader (to our servers)
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Split URL Testing

  • Specify different URLs for variations
  • Split traffic amongst those variations
  • Redirects to the originally seen variation on return visits
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All Kinds of Tests Supported

  • Single page A/B test
  • Multivariate test
  • Landing page test
  • Checkout and Ecommerce A/B test
  • Multi-page and site-wide tests
  • Cross-domain testing

Award Winning Support

  • Support from engineers who actually develop the tool
  • 5 star rating for customer support on
  • Response to support tickets within minutes
  • Escalation to CEO and CTO in case of urgent questions/emergencies
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Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Import VWO reports into your dashboard
  • Start/Stop tests programmatically
  • API available to select customers only

Real Time Reports

  • Absolutely zero lag in reporting
  • Test reports updated within milliseconds of actual events
  • Detect errors in implementation instantly and tweak test settings before going live
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Export and Share Reports

  • Export reports as PDF
  • Send Report to your colleagues via email
  • Export reports in Excel sheet for advanced calculations

Visitor Segmentation

  • Best-in-class segmentation engine
  • Run targeted tests only for visitors who qualify your segment
  • Deliver segment-specific variations
  • Segmentation based on campaign id, referring URL, cookie value, visitor type, etc.
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Previews on multiple browsers

  • View screenshots of how test will appear on various browsers within VWO
  • Mark browsers as "Good to Go" or "Not Good"
  • Exclude certian browsers from the test
  • Browsers include Chrome, IE, Firefox, iOS 6 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Multivariate Testing

  • Full factorial testing
  • Create unlimited number of combinations
  • See combination and section level reports
  • Add CSS or Javascript as sections

Multiple Logins and Client Accounts

  • Create permission based multiple logins for different users in your company
  • Create separate accounts for your clients with access to only their reports
  • Admin features: manage and login into all accounts from the dashboard itself
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Heatmaps & Clickmaps

  • See where your visitors are clicking on a webpage
  • Get exact click statistics for all links
  • Integrated with all tests you create. No separate code needed
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Built-in Tools to Generate Test Ideas

  • Landing Page Analyzer: score your landing page and generate ideas for improvement
  • A/B Ideafox: world's only search engine for A/B and multivariate test case studies
  • What to Test: our usability testing module

Add Multiple Conversion Goals

  • Visit to a separate page
  • Click on a particular link
  • Submission of a form
  • Visitor engagement (bounce rate)
  • Revenue/Sales
  • Custom conversion goal for arbitrary events
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Advanced Tests Supported:

  • Simultaneous testing of similar elements
  • Price testing, dynamic content testing
  • CSS based layout testing
  • Tests behind login walls
  • Multiple tests per page

Zero IT involvement

  • No page tagging required for any feature
  • Small snippet of code for integration
  • Create unlimited number of tests without touching your website code
    See screenshot of code snippet

No impact on website loading speed

  • Asynchronous code snippet that does not impact your website loading
  • Content Distribution Network for JavaScript delivery

HTML Code Editor

  • Create variations using HTML
  • Syntax highlighted HTML code editor
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Supports CSS and JavaScript
  • Seamlessly switch to WYSIWYG editor
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Usability Testing

  • Get A/B testing ideas and detect usability flaws
  • Ask real users on Internet what they think about your website
  • Ask open ended questions or create polls}
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Test Management

  • Labels for classifying test types
  • Test Notes for recording hypothesis
  • Automatic screenshots when test stops
  • Save tests as drafts
  • User permissions like Design, Browse and Publish etc.

Test Scheduler

  • Automatically run test at a future date
  • Pause after testing a specific number of visitors
  • Run recurring tests every day, week, or month

Self-hosting of VWO

  • JavaScript files of VWO can be hosted on your own server
  • Tests can be run from your infrastructure

Comprehensive Charts

  • Beautiful, interactive charts
  • See trends in daily performance of variations
  • Data captured: conversion rate, total visitors, total conversions, average conversion rate
  • Sparkline charts to visualize performance
    See screenshot

Revenue Tracking

  • Measure & Track revenue per visitor for your test variations
  • Also track total revenue and average order value
  • Read more details about revenue tracking

Continuous Optimization

  • Add and push new variations into a test, without even stopping it
  • Enable, disable or modify test variations instantly
  • Include only a percentage of visitor traffic in the test
  • Clone test with all its settings and variations

Cross Domain Tracking

  • Run same test on multiple domains
  • Track conversion even if page is on a different domain
  • Ideal for eCommerce websites with payment gateways, shopping cart, etc.

Advanced JQuery based API

  • Dynamically update variations using JQuery before displaying them on page
  • Page control and variation passed as DOM elements to your callback function
  • Facilitates price testing and other advanced testing scenarios
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Enterprise Security

  • Realtime notifications on account activity via email
  • Whitelisting of IP Addresses so only select people can access your account

Risk Free Testing Features

  • Option to let VWO automatically monitor your test in the background
  • Disables losing variations as soon as statistical significance is achieved
  • Pushes winning version to 100% of traffic automatically
Testing for Mobile & Tablets

Testing for Mobile & Tablets

  • Create A/B tests for mobile friendly and responsive websites
  • Supported devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones
  • Emulates the look-and-feel of your mobile website

99.99% Server Uptime

  • App is hosted on blazing fast servers and we have >99.99% uptime rate
  • JavaScript code is hosted on Amazon CloudFront and if even if our servers go down, your website will keep functioning smoothly

Plugins and Integrations

  • Integrates with Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, Clicky etc.
  • Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla plugins available
  • Magento module available
  • Many more plugins coming soon

Advanced CSS based testing

  • Option to add sections into a test by specifying any arbitrary CSS path
  • Run tests on website styling and theme without touching content
  • For testing of themes: add <style> tags as sections
    See screenshot
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