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How to delete variations from a running test?

To maintain statistical integrity, you can't remove or delete variations / sections (you can only add them) from a running test which has collected data. However, there are two ways to accomplish what you're looking to do: Clone the current test Read rest of the article →

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Difference between A/B testing and Multivariate testing

Broadly speaking, following is the difference between A/B testing and multivariate testing: A/B Testing - you vary just one element of your website at a time and see which variation results in maximum conversion rate. The element to be varies could Read rest of the article →

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How to create a basic multivariate test?

A multivariate test creation only differs from an A/B test in the way the variations are created inside the editor. In an A/B test you create completely different variations of the entire page whereas in a multivariate test, you only create variations Read rest of the article →

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How do we calculate statistical significance?

We have a comprehensive article on our blog which details how we calculate statistical significance and also talks about mathematics of A/B testing. If you want to calculate statistical significance manually, we have an online tool for that. Read rest of the article →

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How much traffic do you need for testing?

Irrespective of whether it is an A/B test, multivariate test or split URL test, you can use our online test duration calculator to estimate number of days to run the test and consequently the amount of traffic you need for a test. Note that the calculator Read rest of the article →

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How to interpret test reports?

How are reports to be interpreted? The detailed reports section in VWO has effectively 2 sections, graphical report and numerical data. Graphical section The graphical part has two options, Cumulative data and Day wise data. In the graphical Read rest of the article →

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How to create an advanced A/B or multivariate test?

Q. How to create an A/B or MVT test using Javascript/CSS and or jQuery? Using Add JS/CSS option 1. You can use Add JS/CSS functionality inside the editor to create tests using Javascript, CSS and/or jQuery. The add JS/CSS function is available inside Read rest of the article →

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What is multivariate testing?

In Multivariate Testing you select different elements on your website or landing page (such as headlines, images, buttons, etc). Different versions of selected elements are created and combined. Then you split your traffic amongst those combinations to Read rest of the article →

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