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How to add Goals from the editor

Following three types of goals can be added from editor. Click on a link Click on Element Submits a Form Please refer to to know how you can add a "Click on Element" Goal. Click Read rest of the article →

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“Click on Element” Goal

There are two ways to add the "Click on Element" goal. From the Editor. Here you can select the elements that you want to track for clicks. From outside the Editor. This option allows advanced users to enter a valid selector path directly. From Read rest of the article →

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How does the “Clone Element” functionality work?

"Clone Element" allows users to create an exact copy of any element (in terms of the element’s visual appearance as well as events bound to that element) while creating a test using the Visual Editor. This element is added as a sibling of the Read rest of the article →

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What is a control?

In a scientific experiment, all results are benchmarked against the original, where no change has been made. Only after comparing against original settings, effect of new settings in an experiment can be observed. These original settings in an experiment Read rest of the article →

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How is winning variation found?

For all variations in a test, we calculate a metric known as "Chance to beat original" (a value between 0%-100%) that indicates the confidence we have in a variation performing better as compared to control. Winning variation threshold for chance to Read rest of the article →

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Conditions to define visitor segments

These are a list of the conditions you can use to define visitor segment(s) and target entire tests or test variations to them. Current URL: The current test page URL where test is running, includes query parameters too. Referring URL: The referring Read rest of the article →

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How do I change my Timezone?

You can edit your account Timezone by going to Main Account > Test Settings and then scrolling down to the section marked Locale Settings. Timezone settings apply to the entire account and all tests within that account. Sub-accounts are not included Read rest of the article →

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Affiliate Partner Program

If you love Visual Website Optimizer and want to promote it, we invite you to our Affiliate Partner Program. We offer 15% monthly recurring commissions (with a 60 day cookie). First month offers full 15% commissions with no cap. However, second month Read rest of the article →

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Using URL patterns in Visual Website Optimizer

Split testing Corresponding asterisk are matched in case of Split URL test. So whatever is matched by first asterisk in control will be used to replace the first * in variation URL pattern. So by replacing all * in variation URL pattern with their Read rest of the article →

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How to add revenue tracking to your tests

We believe revenue tracking shouldn’t be hard and that’s why we have tried to make it dead-simple to implement it in Visual Website Optimizer. All you need to do is this: Create A/B, split or multivariate test On goals page, select ‘Revenue Read rest of the article →

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