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Website is not loading correctly in the editor

Problem You opened your website in the Visual Editor but it is either not loading at all or loads incompletely with content/styling/layout broken. Solution We open your website in the Visual Editor using a proxy in case the Visual Website Optimizer Read rest of the article →

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I see a difference between my Google Analytics and VWO Data. Why?

VWO and GA (Google analytics) have different tracking methods. This is the reason why you see the difference between the GA and VWO data of your website. To make it easy for you to comprehend your data, here are the main points of difference explained Read rest of the article →


Things to keep in mind while doing Edit and Edit HTML operations

Edit & Edit HTML are two very powerful operations available in the Visual Website Optimizer Editor. They let you modify the complete HTML of any element on the page which is the most low level modification possible on the page layout. But there are Read rest of the article →

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My preview screenshots are taking very long to load

We have a group of servers where actual instances of your chosen browsers run and take screenshots of pages served to them. Due to this, sometimes your preview screenshots may take some time to generate. Please be patient. Your request is queued and your Read rest of the article →

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Why are bounce rate and engagement impacted by VWO code?

Sometimes you'll notice that when you use the Visual Website Optimizer code on your website, Google Analytics will show that the page bounce rate and engagement have increased. Actually, the rates have not increased but GA reports an increase because Read rest of the article →

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Number of conversions increase for a disabled variation

Sometimes when you disable a variation, you'll see that it still records conversions and you feel it shouldn't because it's "disabled". The reason is that disabling a variation in Visual Website Optimizer does not mean "stopped showing to visitors", rather Read rest of the article →

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Why revenue conversions are less than visit to a page goal

The reasons why revenue goal conversions can be less than Visit to a page goal are: 1) Value passed to the revenue goal variable when a sale occurred was not a number, or it was set to 0. 2) The page has some scripts which block the DOM ready event Read rest of the article →

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In a Split URL test, control has far more visitors than variations

The issue here is that in a Split URL test, control receives all or far more visitors than any variations. The problem arises because in a Split URL test, when a query parameter submits to the test, it is submitted to control as well as forwarded Read rest of the article →

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How to delete variations from a running test?

To maintain statistical integrity, you can't remove or delete variations / sections (you can only add them) from a running test which has collected data. However, there are two ways to accomplish what you're looking to do: Clone the current test Read rest of the article →

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Why is a winner declared earlier in the test, but then the results become even at the end?

When a new A/B split or goes live, there are multiple factors at play which result in reports that look like these: Why does this happen? Reports show so much variation in the beginning because even small changes in goals result in large percentage Read rest of the article →

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