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How many types of conversion goals are present in VWO?

VWO provides a number of conversion goals, here is a list of all such conversion goals with brief explanation:

  • Click on a link: It tracks clicks on links or URL patterns, i.e. anchor tags.
  • Visit a page: It tracks visits on the specified URL or URL pattern.
  • Submits a form: It records form submissions on the specified URL or URL pattern.
  • Engagement: It records clicks on any link ( i.e. anchor element), button or input element (with type attribute equal to image,  submit or button) present on the page. See for more details.
  • Custom conversion goal: It tracks goals on any custom event such as clicks, ajax request completion etc.
  • Revenue goal: It tracks revenue generation on a page.
  • Click on Element:  It tracks clicks on any element or a collection of elements on the page. See for more details.


What are URL patterns?

Here is a link explaining the functioning of URL pattern.

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