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Things to remember about test page pattern

What exactly is a “test page pattern”?

A test page pattern is simply a URL pattern constructed with wildcard * to decide the number of pages on which to run the test. For example:* would make sure the test is running sitewide.

Some things to remember while setting up a test page pattern:

  1. If you do not use “?” or “=” in the test page pattern, we won’t consider parameters in the URL to match with the pattern. In such cases, no matter how many parameters are appended to the URL, it would still match.
  2. Test page pattern doesn’t support regexp and only * can be used as a wild card.
  3. Carefully use http or https or http* in the test page pattern. These 3 are not the same and your test would run only on the specified protocol.
  4. Test page URL is supposed to be a URL and not a pattern. Do not confuse it with a test page pattern.
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