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The Visual Editor is designed to enable anyone to use it with ease. This article is a quick run-through of the various features.

Clicking on any page element (see 1, above) pops up a menu (see 2, above) that allows you to change all text and properties of that element.

Variations to be tested can be added from the green menu at the bottom right. If you want to see your original page, just click on “Control”. Variations can have changes in Javascript, CSS and be targeted towards a specific audience (see 1, above).

With Visual Website Optimizer, you can have unlimited “undo” and “redo” operations. However, there is no Autosave feature so be sure to save regularly. Design Mode is for making changes to your page while Browse Mode (see 2, above) is to move to other pages within your website, so that you can create tests there.

Once you’ve setup the variation, you can pinpoint which visitor segments will be eligible to view the variation.

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