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Travel Website Redesigned Navigation: Boosts Conversions by 21.34%

Posted in Case Studies on April 7th, 2014


Company Bizztravel Wintersport, is a part of Bizz Travel Group, a leading online company in the Dutch travel industry. They create their own products and sell them directly to consumers through their websites. Bizztravel Wintersport particularly specializes in skiing holiday packages in the Alps. Test Information Company: Bizztravel Category: Travel Increase: 21.34% Goal: Visits to Thank you page Background Analysis of Google Analytics statistics showed that: Site search is used most often to search for ski village names (e.g. [...]

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Adding Free Shipping Threshold Increases eCommerce AOV by 7.32%

Posted in Case Studies on March 18th, 2014


Imagine yourself looking for the latest book by your favorite author on Amazon. You find it, add it to cart but just then the magical words ‘Free Shipping’ grab your attention. You immediately get up for a victory dance but alas, there is a catch: the offer is only applicable on orders above a certain amount. Test Information Company: NuFace Category: eCommerce Testing Agency: Red Door Conversion Rate: 90% Goal: Increase in Average Order Value (AOV) We [...]

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CTA copy change from ‘survey’ to ‘quote’ increased leads by 60%

Posted in Case Studies on March 10th, 2014


This case study was conducted by Bloom, an integrated digital agency for  the new website of ADT, a leading supplier in security solutions. The test aimed to understand how the text used in the Call to Action button impacts conversion rate. Background Test Information Company: ADT Category: Security Solutions Testing Agency: Bloom Conversion Rate: 60% Goal: Lead Generation ADT, a Tyco International company, serves both residential and commercial markets in the UK. Their portfolio includes burglar alarms, video [...]

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How a Dutch travel agency increased bookings by 33% with A/B testing

Posted in Case Studies on March 7th, 2014

"Take an option" links on Djoser's bookings page

This case study is written by Thijs van der Wal, Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant at Traffic4u, an online marketing agency that uses Visual Website Optimizer to optimize websites for their clients. This post explains how they increased bookings by 33% for Djoser, a major Dutch travel agency, and won the prestigious Gold Award at WhichTestWon’s Online Testing Awards 2014. Test Information Client: Category: Travel Testing Agency: Traffic4u The test: “Take an option” This test was implemented on all [...]


93.71% Increase in Clickthroughs by A/B Testing Pricing Page Redesign

Posted in Case Studies on February 28th, 2014

comparison image -- Lyyti

Pricing page is one of the high-impact pages of any website. For a SaaS business, it is particularly important because this is where the serious buyers will spend a lot of time., a Finland-based event management software company, found that their pricing page wasn’t clearly communicating the product features. Hence, they decided to redesign it completely. But before hardcoding the changes, they ran an A/B test. The Problem After running several small A/B tests [...]


Enough of Stock Photos: See How Adding Real Photos Improved Conversions

Posted in Case Studies on February 21st, 2014


Stock photos are high-quality, yes. But they look staged. They are irritatingly perfect. Studies have shown that they are often ignored by people. They make visitors’ browse the site and not experience it. Only real or relevant images engage visitors. And this is exactly what our current case study emphasizes. The Company Harrington Movers is a New Jersey and New York City moving company. Their interstate moving service pages used a generic stock image of [...]


Price Comparison Information on Ecommerce Store Increased Conversions by 10%

Posted in Case Studies on February 17th, 2014

Paperstone's second variation

This case study is written by George Harris, Director of eCommerce at Paperstone uses Visual Website Optimizer to optimize their website and this post explains how they increased sales by showing visitors that products on Paperstone were cheaper than their competitors. Office Supplies Ecommerce overview (UK) The UK online office supplies market is dominated by two or three established brands but there are many smaller dealers all selling the same or similar products. Office [...]


Customer Review Widget Increased eCommerce Sales by 36%

Posted in Case Studies on February 14th, 2014

Comparison is a Dutch online biking solutions store. They sell everything from bicycle parts to accessories to cycling wear. Their homepage looks pretty impressive with shipping info and return policy right in the top banner. The problem Of all their pages, FietsPunt’s product pages had the highest bounce rate which was directly hurting their sales. The hypothesis was that may be the visitors were apprehensive and didn’t know if they could trust the company with online [...]


Testimonials are Important but They Can Overshadow Your Website Goal

Posted in Case Studies on February 8th, 2014

WorkZone comparison image

WorkZone is a web-based project management and documentation collaboration tool. Like most SaaS companies, they provide demos to convince people to buy their tool. The lead generation page To request for a demo, the prospects are supposed to fill out a form. This is the most important page of the website and has a few things working well for it — a short form, customer reviews by authority figures and an arrow pointing to the form acting as a [...]


Read it to Believe it — Addition of a Single Letter Increased Sales by 20%

Posted in Case Studies on January 31st, 2014


Have you ever accidentally hit gold? Like you were trying to figure out how the slot machine works and surprised yourself by hitting the jackpot? Sounds too good to be true? Well, good things can happen when you split test. The following A/B test was conceived and made live by a conversion consultant while he was sitting in a meeting with his client, trying to demonstrate how easy it is to set up tests in Visual [...]


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