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The Why And How of Creating ‘Snackable’ Content

Posted in How To on April 16th, 2014


 ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ When you Google ‘Future of content marketing’, you’re bombarded with tips and tricks that claim to change the world of content, but it takes just a quick scan to relegate it to junk. Rarely, you come across a priceless gem, like this quote, that makes you stop and think. I’ll be honest here – I worship long content. A well written, informative blog, with meaty takeaways is the perfect recipe to [...]


9 Insanely Simple Ways to Optimize your PPC Landing Page

Posted in How To on March 25th, 2014


Every time you Google something, you’re likely to see an ad matching your query. It seduces you with an irresistible promise. When you click on it and land on a totally irrelevant page, well, this is how you feel like. Don’t you? What marketers forget while creating these ads is that visitors click on ads only when they’re on a hunt. And you don’t, just don’t mess with the hunter. When a visitor clicks on [...]


14 Ways to Reduce Bounce and Increase Engagement on your eCommerce Site

Posted in How To on March 4th, 2014


Visitors land on your site, hang around for a few precious seconds and then bounce without visiting another page. Sounds like a familiar problem? The average bounce rate of the eCommerce industry is 34%. If the bounce on your eCommerce site is above this number, you should go through these 14 best practices to increase engagement. 1) Pay Attention to the Size of Search Bar One reason for high bounce is that visitors are not able [...]


13 Tips for Producing High-Converting Videos for Your Business

Posted in How To on February 5th, 2014


The statistics associated with online videos are fascinating. It has been proven that viewers retain 58% more of what they see versus what they read, online shoppers who see videos are 1.81x more likely to buy a product and a site is 53 times more likely to appear on page one of search results if it has a video. To top it off, there are countless case studies of videos increasing conversions for both eCommerce and SaaS companies. So it probably [...]


How To Connect VWO to Google Analytics Universal Tracking

Posted in How To on January 23rd, 2014


How to connect Visual Website Optimizer to Google Analytics Universal tracking Google Analytics recently launched a new way of tracking visitors on your site. This new tracking is called Universal tracking and sets the standard for their future. It’s more enhanced and has some cool new features that can be used with Visual Website Optimizer also. One of those features is the so called Custom Dimension. We’re now able to define a Dimension or Metric [...]


Calculator to see if Adwords will be profitable for your SaaS business

Posted in How To on January 16th, 2014


This post will help you calculate if a PPC campaign at a certain cost-per-click (CPC) bid will work for your SaaS business as a profitable customer acquisition channel. It is divided into two parts. I will start with a hypothetical example to explain how the calculations work. Then, there is a free ‘PPC Viability Calculator’ Google Spreadsheet you can use to figure out if Adwords (or any other PPC channel) works for you. If you’re [...]


5 Ways to Utilize Thank You Pages for Better Conversions

Posted in How To on December 11th, 2013


Thank you pages are usually an after-thought, a quickie, a clumsily put up half-hearted meal. Why? Because all your effort and energy has gone into creating that high-converting landing page. And once a customer converts, you show them a template ’thank you’ message which ends the conversation then and there. You know what you have just done? Left an awful lot of money on the table. Thank you pages are one of the most under-optimized pieces of real [...]

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27 Ways to Reduce Shopping Fears on your Ecommerce Website

Posted in How To on December 4th, 2013


Around 99% customers end relationships with companies that fail to build customer trust. According to a Cybersource survey, 73% consumers feel shopping online is riskier than shopping offline. More than 90 percent of visitors are jittery and concerned when shopping on new or unknown sites. These three findings, sourced from three different studies, point to a single problem — perceived fear, distrust and doubt in the mind of customers while shopping online. A lost cause? [...]


10 Things Small Businesses Can Learn From Top eCommerce Sites

Posted in How To on November 27th, 2013


Zappos, Target and Walmart. What do these eCommerce giants have in common? They all command massive brand popularity, have a loyal customer base and have the key analytics working in their favor. You might not have their level of reach, resources, brand name or market share, but that does not stop you from adopting their best practices. In this post, we list 10 things the top eCommerce players are doing brilliantly and how you could [...]


8 Ways to Increase eCommerce Average Order Value

Posted in How To on November 7th, 2013


So you have been making gallant efforts at increasing your eCommerce website conversion rate. You are bleeding money on acquiring that all-important traffic, are trying to outwit Google at cracking its ever-changing search algorithm and are anxiously checking your traffic sources, lest they dry up. But if we look at the end objective of these exercises (read: increasing revenue), there’s a simpler and less agonizing way to achieve that – increasing your Average Order Value [...]


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