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We Doubled Our Business In One Year

Posted in News on September 5th, 2013


First, the good news: Visual Website Optimizer recently surpassed 3000 active paying customers. This customer base spans 80+ countries around the world and includes brands like Microsoft, Groupon, AMD, GE, and Disney among others. Our pet hamster is giddy with happiness about this milestone. Now to the back story. What changed in one year? A year back, we celebrated the milestone of 1600 paying customers and moving into a newer, bigger office. It had taken [...]


Visual Website Optimizer gets IdeaFactory, Clone Element and many other improvements!

Posted in News on May 27th, 2013

A/B testing idea repository

The engines at Wingify are always running at full steam ahead. Visual Website Optimizer is getting better all the time (even though sometimes the changes are not immediately visible). Here is what’s new! The A/B Testing IdeaFactory We regularly get email from users who’ve hit a testing roadblock. Generally, most people quickly go through the usual Headlines, Call To Action and Copy tests after which they’re stumped for new optimization ideas. To solve that problem, [...]

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With 2500+ customers, an epic journey has just begun at Wingify

Posted in News on April 23rd, 2013

Hamster says: download our presentation!

Oh well, how the time passes. I distinctly remember the first day I decided to do “something” in the online marketing space and hence begun hunting for the perfect name. After numerous variations and tweaks, I finally settled down on a domain that sounded just fine and inspired joy and enthusiasm. The name was Wingify and the date it was registered on was 9th November, 2008. I was 21 years old then. Fresh out of [...]


Second year in a row: 9 award winning A/B and Multivariate tests

Posted in News on February 21st, 2013

Rasmussen College

WhichTestWon is a website that features results of A/B tests and visitors can vote which version of a page won. This gamification of A/B tests has resulted in a huge community built around the website and the active discussions after each test are a testament to that. At the end of the year, they conduct the Online Testing Awards, where they select A/B test entries deemed most useful for marketers and optimization specialists. Last year [...]


Visual Website Optimizer now integrates with ClickTale

Posted in News on January 29th, 2013


Being a young company, we know that focus is extremely important for Visual Website Optimizer. For that reason, the tool currently focuses primarily on A/B and Multivariate testing. While we’re always adding new features (Cross Browser Previews were rolled out last week to all our users and before that it was A/B testing for Mobile and Responsive websites) we understand that our users’ success is enabled by a combination of first class tools. Therefore, we’re [...]


[New Feature] Now automatically preview your A/B test on multiple browsers

Posted in News on January 23rd, 2013

Previews on multiple browsers

There’s great news for anyone using Visual Website Optimizer to carry out A/B tests on their websites and landing pages. Your chosen A/B testing software now supports Multiple Browsers Previews i.e. you can preview how your variations will appear on different browsers before starting your test. This feature is available to all users (including free trials) irrespective of what plan you’re subscribed to. Within the app, you’ll notice that instead of your usual previews, there [...]


[New Feature] A/B testing for Mobile and Tablet websites

Posted in News on December 6th, 2012

Visual Website Optimizer - A/B testing for mobile enabled, responsive websites

We’re mighty excited to announce  that Visual Website Optimizer now supports testing and optimization for mobile enabled and responsive websites. Just in time for the holidays shopping spree, subscribers of the VWO “Large Agency” plan and above can now optimize their mobile landing pages and websites just as they would do for their desktop visitors. Visual Website Optimizer currently supports A/B and Multivariate testing along with behavioral targeting for Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone [...]


The non profit organizations that Visual Website Optimizer proudly supports

Posted in News on September 19th, 2012

Redcross Denmark

Did you know that Wingify supports Non Profits by giving them a straight 50% discount on any of the Visual Website Optimizer plans? If you didn’t then well, the fact is we do. Just like for any other endeavor, the web is an important medium of information dispersal, support, outreach and fund raising for non profits too. We make it easier for them to reach those goals by using Visual Website Optimizer to optimize their [...]

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Now schedule tests for a future date and automatically pause after testing a specific number of visitors

Posted in News on September 7th, 2012

Automatically setup tests to start or stop at a future date and time

We’ve just rolled out a brand new feature for all our customers. You can now set up tests to start or stop automatically on a date and time, either once or in a recurring manner, and pause after a predefined number of visitors have been tested. This functionality is available in the second last step of test creation process (where you define test settings), and this can also be enabled later by clicking on the “View [...]


We’ve grown, hit 1600+ customers, moved to a bigger office and still not looking for funding

Posted in News on August 28th, 2012

The Wingify team

This year is proving to be an interesting one for Wingify and our first product, the A/B and multivariate testing tool Visual Website Optimizer. Here’s a round up of all that’s happened so far. Our brand new office In April 2012, in anticipation of more people joining the company, we shifted into a new office that we thought was large enough to handle any space needs that might arise in the near future. We couldn’t have [...]


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