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How to create an A/B test on WordPress or Drupal site without adding a single line of code

Posted in How To, News on April 20th, 2010

WordPress and Drupal are the most popular CMSes on Earth as they power a lot of business and personal websites. These CMSes have been game changing because they enable anyone can setup and manage a website easily without ever touching HTML or messing up with technical issues. However, if you need to do A/B or multivariate tests on such CMSes, then it is not exactly a piece of cake. All the technical issues (inserting code, tagging page, etc.) associated with setting up a test completely defeat the spirit of CMS. Separation of content from code is the first place why one uses a CMS thus running an A/B test on it shouldn’t require any messing up with code.

Because we realize the pains associated with creating A/B tests on CMSes, we are proud to announce two new Visual Website Optimizer plugins for WordPress and Drupal. With these plugins, you do not need to touch even a single line of code on your website to create and run A/B or multivariate tests. The real power comes from the fact that if you have these plugins enabled you can create unlimited number of tests from VWO without any sort of page tagging. Simply activate the plugin and you are all set for increasing your sales and conversions.

WordPress Plugin Instructions

This plugin is made by Andy Bailey of CommentLuv. Thanks for your effort Andy!

  • Download the plugin here or search for ‘Visual Website Optimizer’ plugin in WordPress directory.
  • Follow the usual plugin installation steps: either it is automatic or extract the zip file, transfer the files to your blog’s /wp-admin/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin and enter your account id (available in VWO under Account Management link) into configuration page of the plugin.
  • Start creating tests from VWO!

Drupal Plugin Instructions

Update: Thanks to Ted Cooper, there is now a plugin in Drupal repository which you can use (instead of downloadable plugin below):

First version of the plugin was made by Will Ronco of Awesome Software. Thanks Will!

  • Download the plugin here and unzip it.
  • Move the folder “visual_website_optimizer” into your site’s “sites/all/modules/” folder.
  • Browse to http://yoursite/admin/build/modules and look for the module named “Visual Website Optimizer”. Check the box next to it in the list, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save configuration”. This will install the Visual Website Optimizer Module.
  • After the module is installed, a message will appear asking you to configure your VWO plugin on the settings page. Follow that link, or browse to http://yoursite/admin/settings/visual_website_optimizer and enter your Visual Website Optimizer ID, then click “Save configuration”
  • Your site is ready to be used with Visual Website Optimizer!

We will be adding support for more CMSes soon. If you have a CMS and you want to experience the smoothest and easiest A/B testing on it, let us know. We will make a plugin for your CMS too.

Paras Chopra

CEO and Founder of Wingify by the day, startups, marketing and analytics enthusiast by the afternoon, and a nihilist philosopher/writer by the evening!

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Carl Juneau
September 15, 2010

Lovin’ it! About to install this on my blog…

November 1, 2010


But, how do we design the tests? Do we have setup the variation pages as nonindex, nofollow ?

Paras Chopra
November 1, 2010

@Amarjit: there is no need, but if you want you can set your variation pages to noindex

Jake Knight
February 1, 2011

The feature list says Woordpress, Joomla Plugin, but this article says wordpress drupal. Is that a mistake or is there actually a Joomla adaptation?

Paras Chopra
February 1, 2011

@Jake: you can download Joomla plugin from here We’re going to have an announcement about it soon.

[...] with Web analytic tools like Clicky, Google and Omniture SiteCatalyst. There are even plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla which make using Visual Website Optimizer even more [...]

Chris M
July 13, 2011

Can you please submit the drupal module to the drupal module repository, so it can be updated regularly?

Paras Chopra
July 13, 2011

@Chris: we tried but for some reason they didn’t accept the module in repository. We will try again.

July 15, 2011

I think this sounds interesting, but is there a reason why the code isn’t on A lot of us Drupal devs are hesitant to install code that isn’t vetted.

[...] Comment • 6:47pmThanks for the recommendation. We also have super-simple WordPress plugin…Paras Chopra • 5:37amView 1 Comment Edit Link Text Show answer summary preview when [...]

October 31, 2011

Hi, are there any plugins for Sharepoint?

Paras Chopra
November 1, 2011

@Rodrigo: no, we don’t have a plugin for Sharepoint (yet).

November 1, 2011

Well, can I use VWO without adding plugins anyway? I mean, is it easy to do it, knowing that I’ve got intermediate skills as a web developer ?

February 13, 2012

Just so you’re aware… I’ve found that the WordPress Preview feature breaks with this plugin active. So, I added the conditional statement !is_preview() to not add the VWO code to the head if previewing posts/pages.

[...] new code snippet is compatible with all browsers. WordPress, Joomla , Magento and Drupal plugins are available. (We are currently working to update Google [...]

July 3, 2012

Can this plugin be used to split test between themes?

July 5, 2012

@Graham: yes, you can do that (although it is not that straightforward, and you may need to use URL patterns or split URL testing)

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