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Removing Social Sharing Buttons Increases Conversions. Yes, You Heard That Right!

Posted in Case Studies on January 10th, 2014

Comparison Image

If you are a relentless advocate of social sharing buttons, get ready to have your beliefs decimated. If you are one of those who scoff every time the internet is subjected to the ‘add social sharing widget to eCommerce product page’ advice, this is the moment when you say ‘I told you so’. And for everyone else, the following A/B test case study will prove to be terribly insightful. The Company is a Finland-based hardware [...]


Debunking the Social Proof myth

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Case Studies on November 21st, 2012

CalPont - With social sharing features

Social media and how it can be used in digital marketing has been the subject of many articles and is a centerpiece of many digital strategies. However, recently conversion testing has shown that social media can actually harm some websites, but has not yet clearly established why and how to avoid this ‘social media conversion trap’. CalPont is a database management software company based in Frisco, TX. CalPont makes InfiniDB, an award winning, scalable, software-only [...]


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