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107% increase in sales shows that customers care more for authenticity than low prices

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Case Studies on June 7th, 2012


eCommerce websites that sell branded products need to ensure that customers know the products are original and not an imitation. If your customers are not sure about the originality, they’re never convinced about the quality of the product and any price will seem like too much. This problem is especially grave in the online world because unlike a physical store they don’t interact with a sales person face to face and moreover they cannot touch [...]


New VWO code snippet: cleaner, faster, easier

Posted in News on September 7th, 2010


Today we’ve released a change in Visual Website Optimizer code snippet that will make the process of integrating VWO to your website a lot easier! As you will see, the change is a significant improvement over the previous code snippet and we recommend you to update it on your website as soon as possible to enjoy all its benefits (of course, it is backward compatible; So your existing VWO code will also work — but [...]


Announcing Visual Website Optimizer API

Posted in News on May 31st, 2010

Visual Website Optimizer API was privately announced to select users long time back but today we are happy to announce it to general public too. The API lets you pull complete test results into your internal dashboards. Results are returned for all test goals and include confidence levels, hits and conversions. amongst other metrics. The API also allows you to start and pause tests programmatically. API interface is JSON and is currently available only by [...]

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Do trust badges on websites work? Oh yes! 32% increase in conversions

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Case Studies on May 19th, 2010


These days you have all sorts of trust badges available to put on your websites. Some are SSL badges, some are good business practices badges and some are even carbon neutral certification badges. But do these badges have any effect? A Visual Website Optimizer user, Karsten Lund (a conversion specialist from Atcore), recently carried out a six-month long A/B test to determine whether an E-mark badge (certifies ethical conduct of Danish businesses) impacts conversion rate. [...]

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Host Visual Website Optimizer (JavaScript files) on your server

Posted in How To, News on May 17th, 2010

We have released a new feature in Visual Website Optimizer which lets you host the JavaScript files on your own server. This was done because a lot of large corporations avoid including external JavaScript files from a third party. Even though our JavaScript is hosted on Amazon S3 and we have a fail-over strategy that guarantees zero downtime (even in case of our servers going down), some corporations feel much safer if they control the [...]


Launch of Paid Plans and Limited Time Offer

Posted in News on May 14th, 2010

Visual Website Optimizer is finally out of beta! It has been five months since we first announced the beta, but with all new features and bug fixes etc. it feels like an incredibly short period. We also announced the pricing plans. There has been a lot of research gone into it, did various iterations of it and now finally settled on the one you can see. Most of our beta users thought this pricing is [...]

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Bunch of small, new features in Visual Website Optimizer

Posted in News on May 8th, 2010

In the last two days, we have released a bunch of small, unrelated new features in Visual Website Optimizer. Here they are: Exclusion of IPs: this was a much-requested feature to be able to exclude certain office IPs from getting tracked during tests. This wasn’t previously possible and hence caused some bias in the test results as users’ own hits and conversions got counted too. But now you can exclude certain IPs from getting counted [...]

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Why Melvin loves Visual Website Optimizer?

Posted in Case Studies on May 6th, 2010

We are starting a new series to profile testimonials and success stories of users who love Visual Website Optimizer. The idea of I Love VWO series came to us when one of our users, Melvin Ram, sent us a testimonial full of praises (without asking, how fantastic of him!). Following is what Melvin Ram from Volcanic Web Design Company sent us: I love VWO because it’s frictionless. Within 1 hour of setting up an account, [...]

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Visitor Segmentation for A/B and Multivariate Tests

Posted in News on May 4th, 2010


Most of the times you create and run A/B tests on all your website visitors. But there may be cases when you would like to test your ideas only for a particular segment for visitors. For example, you may want to test if a stripped down layout of website works better for returning visitors. Or you may want to test if a Twitter-specific banner gets more clicks from visitors arriving from Twitter. New feature: Segmentation [...]


Left v/s Right Sidebar – which layout works best?

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Case Studies on April 23rd, 2010


Answer: none. Using Visual Website Optimizer on my blog, I tested the layout of sidebar to see if it has any effect on bounce rate. Particularly, I tested whether the sidebar in right (default on many blogs) works better than the sidebar on left. The answer for my case turned out to be that it doesn’t really matter. (Though it may differ for you – you should A/B test it, it is really quite simple). [...]


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