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  • Paras Chopra

  • Sparsh Gupta

  • Ankit Jain

    Speed lover, bike and car enthusiast, who enjoys and lives his life in the moment. After working for a year and a half at Cisco (Bangalore) joined Wingify where I can quench my thirst for PHP and web development. Now I hack, develop and enjoy life while working with some of the brightest minds and challenging them over PS3. I am a firm believer in the concept of the Matrix and all my aliases over the internet have 'neo' in it. I am still waiting for the doorbell to ring, so that I can follow the 'White Rabbit'.
  • Anuj Bansal

    With a motto of 'To be simple is to be great', I am a fun and easy going chap who cherishes every moment of my life while trying to keep it simple. Having worked for Oracle for almost 2 years, I advanced my career (and my alcohol consumption) with Wingify as a Senior Software Engineer back in 2011. Ever since I joined the team, I was nicknamed Chatora (foodie) for my insatiable appetite of eating spicy and tangy food. I enjoy working on and learning new web technologies.
  • Kushagra Gour

    A Creativity freak. A passionate game developer. Likes hacking innovative stuff with open web technologies. Also a wannabe kungfu master and a coin magician!
  • Siddhartha Saxena

  • Siddharth Deswal

  • Hariom Balhara

    A Computer Science graduate from Delhi College of Engineering(DCE), Hariom is passionate about Web Technologies, so decided to leave Ciena to join the Tech Team. Being a jaat he is supposed to be aggressive, non-vegetarian and alcohol lover but is quite the opposite. I guess its because of my name(Blame my grandma for that).While working he doesn't feel an urge to eat. His friends used to call me a machine for that. He is almost always the last person to have lunch. While not working he watch movies. He often spend hours to choose one to watch.
  • Ankit Sinha

  • Himanshu Kapoor

  • Ashish Khanna

  • Smriti Chawla

  • Harinder Singh

  • Rohit Yadav

  • Nupur Jain

  • Gursimran Singh

  • Kamal Sahni

  • Aidityo Ganguly

  • Vijay Aggarwal

  • Shanil Puri

  • Taruna Manchanda

  • Dhruv Bhutiani

  • Sanjay Raturi

  • Mohita Nagpal

  • Vaidik Kapoor

  • Ajay Sharma

  • Somesh Pant

  • Utkarsh Saran

  • Poonam Gulati

  • Ayush Jain

  • Dinesh Sharma

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