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  • AMD increases social sharing by 3600%

    AMD increased social sharing of its Support page by 3600% by simply changing the location of ShareThis icons.

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  • Hyundai increased conversion rate by 62%

    The Korean car maker Hyundai used Visual Website Optimizer to try different elements on their page. The test helped them to increase requests for test drive by 62% and 208% increase in clickthroughs to the next step in funnel.

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  • GetResponse increased trial signups by 158%

    GetResponse wanted to test if adding a "Free trial" option will decrease their paid signups. After testing they found the free trial signups increased by 158% while there was no negative influence on the number of paid signups.

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  • Writework increase their sales by 50% wanted to test a radically different design of their homepage. They used Visual Website Optimizer to do Split URL Test between original and new homepage design and found the new design increased their sales by 50%.

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