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Drumroll, please. Here are the testimonials:

"We have previously used both Google Website Optimizer and Adobe Test & Target, and neither could come close to the Visual Website Optimizer. It is just so easy to use and very quick to add to your website. Who knew split testing could be this simple?"

Haris Bacic from AdFicient

"Your tool is better than using GWO, Omniture, or Sitespect."

Eric Clemmons,

"Visual Website Optimizer is the most powerful, easiest to implement and one of the least expensive multivariate testing tools I know."

"They are fighting the good fight in creating one of *THE* best web based testing tool on the web. One to watch in 2010 for sure"

Paul Anthony,

"I really love this service. I can't imagine staring a new online venture without it."

Kalid Azad, BetterExplained

"I think I'm feeling love for Visual Website Optimizer (@wingify). Seems like everything we need to run tests."

Jens Schriver, (via Twitter)

"Really love the Visual Website Optimizer. It's a great tool for advertisers, especially to become independent from IT!."

Joris Toonders, Yonego, (via comment on blog)

"Score! I found the best A/B testing software #ux #ROI wicked easy!"

Brad Edwards, BeParadigm, (via Twitter)

"I freaking LOVE THIS TOOL"

Matt Johnson,, (via Twitter)

"Much, much, much more user friendly [than other testing tools]"


"Visual Website Optimizer is service couldn't really be more concise. If you are looking for a way to test different designs and arrive at the one that is more profitable, this will let you do it flexibly enough."


"There is no comparison to other testing tools. VWO is a million times better and your support is fantastic"

Warren Knuth, MedaliaArt

"I used Google's Website Optimizer, but it was crap compared to Visual Website Optimizer. VWO shines because: .. [6 solid reasons] .. It's definitely a very good product. And gets better every day (new features were integrated often)."

Steffen Binas, AquaSoft

"We have found VWO a treat to work with, after working with several other competing solutions we were recommended to try VWO as the learning curve is what puts me off. What I found appealing about VWO is that I had my first campaign set up in less than 20 minutes and I had never used it before! We made some very small changes that delivered some big differences in CTR for our desired actions."

Dr. P Solanki, Cosmetic Dentistry Guide

"Visual Website Optimizer is the most complete and easy tool to run A / B and multivariate tests."

Héctor Vázquez, MAKE Marketing

"One of the reasons I love using Visual Website Optimizer is because I can create simple tests within minutes! Since using VWO I have created many tests and it's always exciting to see what works and what doesn't. Thanks for this great tool!"

Jurgen Klanert, fabrooms

"We compared your tool next to three others and finally decided on yours. We signed up for the Large Agencies Plan and have been running Split URL tests continuously since. Your user interface shines above all your competitors, first and foremost. It's easy to use, intuitive, and the step-by-step screens were a relief after trying out other services.

You were also the easiest to set up split URL testing with URL matching capabilities, let alone one of the few to have both without some sort of hack to make it "work that way." Everything is cost effective and it has really helped preventing us from making changes to the site that would cause a sinking conversion rate."

Billy McClure, GoodRX

"It does it so disruptively, embarrassingly better than Google does, that it puts a smile on my face"

Patrick McKenzie, MicroISV on a Shoestring

"I love VWO because it's frictionless. Within an hour, we had 2 tests running, one of which saved us from making a big mistake"

Melvin Ram, Volcanic Web Design Company

"I have not come across a better explained, concise, thought out version of testing/optimization"

Josh Bowen

"It's a fantastic tool. Powerful and yet really easy to set up. No comparison to Google's website optimizer. Every webmaster using it is hoping that competition doesn't find out about VWO ;)"


"Visual Website Optimizer is hands down the easiest, yet most robust multi-variate testing system in the market"

Affiliate Radio

"A/B Testing Made Easy with Visual Website Optimizer."

Web Analytics World

"Visual Website Optimizer - a revolution in AB testing/MVT"

"I have one solid year of testing under my belt (63 tests) with Google Website Optimizer, and I've just switched to Visual Website Optimizer. It's major benefits are: 1) Unheard-of customer support (answered all my (10+) questions himself, the same day). 2) Very intuitive, quick, and easy-to-use interface. 3) No need to upload code on your website (you do it just once when you sign up, and you can create as many tests as you want afterward)."

Carl Juneau, SixPackAbs Excercises

"No more Google Website Optimizer, my new favorite Visual Website Optimizer makes testing much easier and faster!"

Floris Vlasveld

"See how simple it is to create new tests [and] analyze the reaction of your visitors"

"I've used Google Website Optimizer and a few of the development frameworks for multivariate testing, and they are no comparison to Visual Website Optimizer."

Brian Cray

"If you're a website owner interested in doing some split testing, we strongly recommend checking out VWO. It's incredibly easy to use and delivers very useful data."

Nick Strate, CityCliq

"I used to dread using other split testing software because it took forever to set up tests and get statistically significant results. With VWO, I can now create several tests in less than 10 minutes and tracking is a breeze. "

Marc Perry, CEO

"We used Google Website Optimizer for about a year and thought there wasn't a better tool out there, until we moved to Visual Website Optimizer. VWO was incredibly easy to set up and get going on our first test. The reporting is fantastic--I check it nearly every day. Having the ability to set multiple goals and see the results visually has brought great insights to our conversion rate efforts. The price is right as well. Thank you VWO team!"

Chris Rodde, CEO of

"Their elegant design and drop-dead simple approach to designing, launching, and monitoring tests is just sexy, I don't know how else to describe it."

Jason Thompson, EmptyMind

"I'm a die-hard GWO guy that was converted over to Visual Website Optimizer in about 30 minutes. We had a nice A/B test that gave us a 97% increase on the downloads of our personal budgeting app. VWO is extremely polished - love how easy you've made it."

Jesse Mecham, President of

"VWO in one years time integrated plenty of useful features integrated into a user interface that allows users to quickly and easily test. Visual Website Optimizer is increasingly getting attention from the community. The tool has some strong features that are either not found or are very difficult to work with in other tools at this price point."

Martijn Van Vreeden, TrafficBuilders

"VWO is one of the best multivariate testing tools. It's super easy to use, very affordable and still robust."

Web Analytics Book

"Let's be clear - we're doing tests we wouldn't be doing and we're learning things we wouldn't be learning if we didn't have Visual Website Optimizer. Every online marketer has to give it a try, especially with the WordPress plugin integration"

Sachin Agarwal, Director of Marketing

"Visual Website Optimizer. Simply the coolest A/B Split testing tool."

Chris Morris, (via Twitter)

"What's beautiful (apart from the UI) is that it makes the entire process damn easy."

Ashish Sinha,

"I personally think that it beats Google Website Optimizer by many lengths because it is so much easier to create, modify and copy tests"

Karsten Lund

"Visual Website Optimizer is a real gem. Personally I think this is a diamond, offering many options really useful"

"VWO is very valuable. The ease to set up a test and real-time results made it great to work with."

"An interesting proposal for both less experienced users in design and for professionals in the segment. It is hard to imagine a simpler way than that presented during testing."


"Invaluable. The ease and speed of setting up the test is brilliant."

Stefan Fountain, Soocial

"The sales we have seen since changing and experimenting with our buy button have proven Visual Website Optimizer invaluable. I had some issues setting it up due to our shopping cart system and the team at Visual Website Optimizer walked me through step by step in order to set it up correctly. "

TJ Mapes, RIPT Apparel

"Visual Website Optimiser is easy to use and we are already starting to reap the rewards within days of signing up. The benefits of this software are far greater than it's cost, allowing us to measure the difference of big and small changes to our website."

Lee Newell, ESE Direct

"It´s not only about the easy and expandable testing opportunities of Visual Website Optimizer. There is also a definite benefit in their quick and helpful support."

Steffen Lohaus, Online Project Manager at Lecturio

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